Available courses

Building and Managing Relationships Building and Managing Relationships With Your Boss And Customers

All great professionals need to have skills to build and manage relationships. In the workplace, we often have several types of relationships that we have to consider. We have external relationships, which may include customers and vendors. We also have internal relationships with key partners such as your boss or co-workers. This course will help you gain skills to improve your interactions with customers and increase capacity to create more effective outcomes with co-workers and your boss.

Job Search Skills Let's Get That Job! Job Search Skills and Strategies

Welcome to Let's Get That Job!

Welcome to the Job Search Skills workshop. Searching for a job can be intimidating. How do you know what job you’re best suited for? How do you build a winning résumé and cover letter? Where can you find job leads? How do you network without feeling nervous? What happens when you land an interview? And most importantly, where do you find help when you need it? This course will give you the answers to all these questions, plus a plan to get you to a new job within a month. After completing this program, you’ll be more than ready to start your search for your perfect job.


This course will consist of 6 modules and quizzes. In these lectures, we will address the skills that will help you find and get that job.

Negotiation Skills The Art of Negotiation

Although people often think of boardrooms, suits, and million dollar deals when they hear the word negotiation, the truth is that we negotiate all the time. Through this workshop participants will be able to understand the basic types of negotiations, the phases of negotiations, and the skills needed for successful negotiating.

The Negotiation Skills workshop will give you a sense of understanding your opponent and it will give you the confidence to not settle for less than what you feel is fair. You will learn that an atmosphere of respect is essential, as uneven negotiations could lead to problems in the future.