About the program

The CCG eLearning Center provides all of the resources and strategies that you will need to transition from academia to the corporate world.

We support your growth as an emerging professional to get and thrive in the right career path. Career Communications Group accomplishes this by connecting you to the right employers and offering learning opportunities to develop and practice skills that are critical to achievement.

The CCG eLearning Center courses cover all areas of professional development including writing your resume, preparing for the interview, improving communication, building your image, and navigating corporate culture. In addition, we will support you in building and enhancing your image and developing on the job skills that will support your success.

As new professionals, it is essential to invest in professional development and focus on career and industry awareness. As you move through your courses in the learning cafe, you will feast on broad knowledge that will support you in any industry. In order to customize your experience, be sure that you spend time answering the following questions and invest in your success.